barbies and sausages

Now as I mentioned before my husband, Joe, thinks that it is the way that sausages are cooked that make them special so here is a few of his tips:

  • Pre heat the grill but not high heat. Throw your sausages onto a hot grill and they will burst.
  • Wipe the grill with some oil prior to putting the sausages on.
  • Don’t prick or prod the sausages – keep the juices and flavor in.
  • Aim to cook slow turning regularly but not even few seconds.
  • Have a thermometer and check the internal temp is above 70˚C
  • Some boil their sausages before they BBQ, not what we do, tried it but not impressed with the final flavor.

I cooked this awesome chicken, bacon and sausage roll last week thought I would share the recipe as we enjoyed it so much. Made my own spice mix with hot chili pepper and cracked peppers, delicious.

Now we are in the market to change our BBQ and been looking around I found this new one,The Bugg at Beefeaters but hubby thinks it is too small, what do you reckon? Thinking about it with the amount we cook a bigger one is probably the better option. I quite fancy one that has 4 burners. Found one priced between 1001 -2000$ which is the top of our budget, it’s got a 10 year warranty so all I have to do is get him down to look at it.

As a family we tend to go for big fat sausages over thins ones and I get our casings from the Casing Boutique – they have a very good website with some clear instructions how to stuff your sausages, I always recommend that newbies go and read those tips before starting up.

Large 4 burner mobile BBQ





Sausages for the BBQ

Nothing nicer to BBQ than these homemade Balkan sauages

Balkan Sausages

One of our favourite foods for our barbie is sausages, easy to make and quick to cook, you can just slap them in bread and eat without the fuss of a plate. It certainly makes my life easier without the washing up. This week I have found a new recipe I want to try, Balkan sausages. I will be making a slight change to the ingredients as I will use half lean beef mince with half chicken mince; I also thought the rice might be a bit of a change to our usual menu of salads and bread. My family likes a good spicy sauce to go with our meat and my quick go to, is a thick tomato ketchup and Worcestershire sauce mix I sometimes buy commercial ones but the boys prefer my own. I often throw a couple of chopped hot chilies in the mix as well. One of the kids favourite sauces is “Mr Toads sauce”; named after Mr Toad in Wind and the Willows, remember he used to say ‘Onion sauce’ when he was upset? Well I made a caramelized onion sauce many years ago when they were young and I wasn’t as confident in my skills as I am now, got a bit narky during the making and hence the name.

Onion Sauce a oft repeat quote from Toad of Toad Hall , from the book Wind in the willows

Toad from “Wind in the Willows” ..