Christmas BBQ

christmas meal on the BBQ makes life easy

Well, I couldn’t not do a mention on Christmas could I! Seeing as we’re confessed BBQ addicts, it’s natural that for the last few years we’ve done our Christmas meal on the barbie. I used to fuss about the traditional roast, slaving in the kitchen on a hot day, while everyone else was outside relaxing – not anymore, doing the meal on the BBQ means I get to join in, most things can be pre-prepared leaving me outside with my family, and the tidying up and mess is so much less.

With Christmas we still try to make it a special meal – we’ll go down to the fish market the day before and stock up on luxuries including the fattest prawns to make this delicious starter. We get the best cuts of meat suitable for BBQing, marinated the day before, and often our butcher may have some special sausages themed for the holidays, a little bit fancier than your average snag. To cater for any vegetarians in the throng (and yes even veggies like a BBQ) we’ll marinate some vegetables for skewers – choose luxury ingredients like asparagus to make it special, and marinate in some grated ginger, lime juice, coriander and olive oil – delicious, or you can try a variation like this recipe I saw. I know other people talk about doing turkeys, etc on the BBQ but for me that’s for inside in winter – I like real meaty flavours on the grill, that feeling of wood smoked flavour.

Whatever you’re doing enjoy, and be safe..