Cooking the best kebabs

Now that I’ve bought a brand new BBQ station, thanks to and it’s very kind policy, I’ve been trying out a number of exotic recipes. Grilled kebabs are probably one of the finest dishes ever to be created. Kebabs are essentially meat on a stick. You can use any kind of meat you want and the flavouring and seasoning possibilities are endless. They are quite easy to cook compared to many other kinds of barbecued meats as well.

Chicken kebab

However, kebabs have to be cooked right in order for them to be tasty- othewise they become really chewy and dry. You can prevent this from happening by following a few tips. First of all, when I said you can use almost any meat, I meant that there are a number of animal options. However, not all parts of the animals are suitable for making kebabs. Tender meats such as pork shoulder, chicken thigh, sirloin tip, etc. make excellent kebab options.

Secondly, while cutting the meat into cubes, make sure that the cubes are not too small. This way, the meat will get cooked all the way through, but won’t become dry. Adding some marinade to your kebab will also lend it a lot of flavour (depending on the kind of marinade, you might have to marinate it overnight, so be prepared)!

To take your kebab game to the next level, roast some peppers, onions, or mushrooms and add them to the skewer along with the meat!