Fish Barbecue

Fish Barbecue

Fish Barbecue

Fish cooks best over open fire. Experienced cooks will tell you that fish tastes best when cooked over campfire.

But cooking fish is different from cooking other things. A lot of care needs to be taken.

Preparing for barbecue:

  • Grill gate cleaning – With its delicate skin cleaning of the grill becomes a necessity.If not done properly the fish can fall apart very quickly.Start by cleaning the sticky stuff with wire brush and end with wiping it clean with tissue paper.
  • Lubricate the grill – The grill should be lubricated properly to avoid sticking. Use a tissue towel to lubricate the grill carefully. It will save your fish.
  • Grill heating – Before starting to cook heat the grill to high temperature. Fish will stick to warm grill. So it is necessary to make the grill reach higher temperatures.

Barbecuing the fish 

  • Choose the right fish – The fish which is fresh will cook best on the barbecue.
  • Removing scales – The scales of the fish should be removed uniformly for it to cook evenly.
  • Making slashes on skin – This is required to open up the fish for proper cooking. The slashes are to be used to insert spices for a better flavour.
  • Prepare the fish with oil and spice – Fish cooks best when prepared beforehand by applying oil and spices. The fish meat absorbs spices very easily.
  • Cook both sides – Cooking fish requires exposing it to heat on both sides up to five minutes. Over exposing can ruin the taste.

Barbecued fish is succulent and tastes great. Just a bit careful and the fish barbecue will beat all others.