A few idea’s for something different.

It's BBq time or very nearly lets get ready...

I thought I would share some new or fairly new ideas for the barbecue this summer, just to start getting in the mood sort off. Feel free to send in your suggestions or links.

Grilled vegetable salad – As the coals start to heat up toss the veggies onto the grill. For this use small onion, red peppers, in fact any colour pepper, including some chilies if you want a hot spicy salad. Alongside aubergine, tomatoes, garlic. As the outer skins blacken remove from grill and remove skin. I use plastic gloves and have the veggies on newspaper so I can throw the charcoal skin away. Roughly chop the veggies up, place in a bowl. All you need to do with garlic is squeeze the soft part out of the skins directly into bowl. Add olive oil salt and pepper and a good amount of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Delicious. This can be done just as well at a campfire as at home. Another favourite BBQ vegetables recipe of mine can be found on Food.com added by ‘cooking pompom’

Vegatables that are great for cooking/roasting on the BBQ

Colourful veggies for the BBQ

Sausage surprise burgers: Instead of making sausages shape the meat into a burger shape, make a pocket in the middle and put in some chili relish ( or any relish I like pomegranate lime relish) or your favourite cheese, I like feta when I am doing this but choices endless. It has to be something that only needs warming or melting not cooking. BBQ as normal and enjoy, great fun when folk don’t know about the surprise in the middle. You can do this with any burger but I prefer sausage meat as it cooks quicker.

This is something different: http://ilovemaple.ca/recipes/maple-and-lime-flavoured-cucumber-and-peach-relish

Maple and Lime-Flavoured Cucumber and Peach Relish

Hope this is starting to get you into BBQ mode, more to come next week.


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