“Australian BBQ for Dummies”

Some mates of my hubby arrived from both England and the US.  I’m not sure if these were mates from his college years or not, but regardless I could quickly see they thought a barbie was something my daughter would play with! Ha!

So in case anyone  out there are a bit amused by the outsiders coming in, maybe they can read this prior to arrival.  I call it “Australian BBQ for Dummies.” (Hubby loved the name)

Where you guys here “shrimp on the barbie” in movies, it’s really us Aussies just doing what we love to do best, using what we have available.  It’s our way of grilling, but it’s most certainly a barbie! (or barbecue)

shrimp on the barbie,  bbq in australia

It’s also a social affair and as engrained in our culture as anything I suppose.   It’s not implied to bring alcohol to our barbies, as they are often in public places with children. So unless you are certain it’s an adult only barbie, and you’ll know, juices, water, or anything refreshing is ideal to bring with you or expect to being served.

Yes, our barbies are something to see and experience, and if visiting…please do your research so you don’t show up with a barbie doll for someone’s daughter.


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