A Vegetarian Challenge

A whole fish cooked on the BBQ leaves it moist and tasting delicious

BBQ Snapper

I got challenged this week to make a vegetarian barbie for the weekend. All vegetarian! Now I have done the odd kebab with whatever veggies I had and some pretty neat marinades but they have been side dishes really. So a challenge what can you do? I decided on an Asian theme and decided on cooking a whole fish. Sent hubby to market and he came back with a lovely snapper. I went online and researched some ideas and made a combination of this recipe, to which I added ginger and this one from which I used the sauce. It was delicious, certainly something we will be making again. I actually found that the way he wrapped the fish in the video, with far more care than I normally do, worked very well.

Three bean salad, make using any beans but add the sauce while warm.

Three Bean Salad

Along with the fish I made a three bean salad. I used canned kidney, butter and soya beans. I added chopped scallions and the dressing was peanut oil, crushed garlic, grated ginger, soya sauce and lime juice. You could play around with the bean mix, one of my guests suggested I use green beans and she suggested to use freshly cooked rather than canned and to warm the other beans from tins and to add the dressings whilst warm. I actually tried this a few days later as I was intrigued to see if there would be a difference. There was, the uptake of the dressing is much better, will do it this way from now on.
I also, feeling clever, decided to make a desert on the barbie, other than our normal fruit kebabs. I sliced a banana lengthwise and filled it with a mixture of white and dark chocolate, I also added a few of the small marshmallows. Wrapped in foil and on it went. I did this on the dying ember and left them on for about 10mins. Served them with some ice cream and they went down a treat.

bananas filled with chocolate and wrapped in foil cooked on a barble

Delicious with ice cream…